Also suitable as a special staff outing

“Because everyone has a voice!” in small and large companies alike...

Or how correct communication and positive team spirit can increase the efficiency of day-to-day business operations!



Dr. Markus Detterbeck


Every company objective is always linked with the people who work for the company!

"What would you like to achieve in an event for a team in your company?"

Frequent answers to this question:

***To draw people together in a new team ***To increase concentration on routine tasks ***To add a further dimension to verbal expression
***To improve physical awareness ***To boost powers of persuasion through vocal expression ***To amplify the expressive power of facial expression and body language
***To bring about more effective solutions through team-building...


Dr. Markus Detterbeck


My approach to organising a successful team event for your company!

"How do people learn to communicate in the right way and to operate in a genuine spirit of teamwork in order to achieve even greater efficiency in day-to-day business operations?"

1. We hold an initial consultation in order to establish the actual goals and desired objectives for the team event.
2. I then draw up a blueprint for your event tailored to your wishes and based on your requirements.
3. You can book my team event for one or more days, depending on the aims and objectives, or even as a special half-day highlight as part of a staff outing.


Dr. Markus Detterbeck


I can guarantee you that the fun factor will not be in short supply!

"LEARNING paired with FUN and ENJOYMENT will help those attending the event to internalise the relevant company targets!"

This is the only way to make a team event a genuine success with enduring impact for all those who attend.


Feedback written by Udo Janurek (Director of IT Governance and IT Infrastructure FRA IM/K) after my team event for Lufthansa AG:

"I thought it was a great event and I cannot imagine a better way of bringing people together..."


More team event feedback

  • For me, the day was a very nice alternative approach to breaking down barriers from the outset and a great new way of team-building which helped to allay the fear of approaching new colleagues.

  • I thought this team event was excellent. Not only was it great fun and refreshingly different but it actually appealed to our creative side in an entertaining way. The choice of songs was perfect and so was the use of the instruments – it was really great!


Are you interested in my team event for your company?

Markus Detterbeck: "I am grateful for the assistance of Günter Gödecke to ensure a speedy response to your inquiry!"


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